Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Pictures

I've been feeling very nostalgic since I tried on my old wedding dress for the fun of it, a week or two ago... It's got me thinking about how much has happened in my life and fun memories. So I've decided to post some of my favorite pictures from being a "grown up" and starting a family. :) Putting these all together has made me realize how much we need a professional family portrait again. We haven't had one since fall of 2003! All the rest have just been snaps friends have taken when we've been hanging out.

First: Seth and my engagement announcement photo. (We definitely have more wrinkles now than we did 8 years ago). :)

Our wedding day. June 3, 1999 Mount Timp. Temple

Kendyl(3 years old) with daddy. I just love this one!

Makenzie (4) and Kendyl (9 months) Kendyl looks like a little happy Buddah.

Newborn Kendyl (3 weeks). :) So little. That is all of our hands holding her up.

Family Christmas picture 2001. (Makenzie was 1.)

Silly Kenzie's two year old pictures.

More two year pictures. I love that sweet smile!

Family picture fall 2003. Man alive, do I remember those days when Kendyl (3 months) wouldn't stop crying with her colic and acid reflux promblems. (Makenzie 3 years).

Quick family snap shot 2004 a few months after we had first moved to Los Angeles for Seth's animation career in film. (Gotta love the girls downing gogurts- I think we had to bribe them with box to stay in one place for the picture. )

Kendyl (2- in purple) and friend Abby (just 3) enjoying ice cream straight from the box. Cute girls.

A quick snap from this last Christmas (2006) when we went to visit my parents on their mission in Salt Lake City doing the Family History Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Camping this last summer (2006). This was on our hike to find the waterfall. (We never found it) :)

Makenzie (6- dressed up in the Cinderella costume I sewed for her) making mud pies with her friend Kihara. YUM! Look at those beautiful blue eyes. Lucky girl- she gets them from her dad.
Makenzie (5) at her friend's dress up birthday party in Beverly Hills. woo woo

Speaking of dressing up... Our family Halloween picture for 2005. I made Seth's pirate costume. He better love me forever because that stinkin' thing took forever to sew. Makenzie (5) was the Corpse Bride- her choice I SWEAR (made that costume too). I was a spooky witch and Kendyl (2) was a little kitty. Cute girl.

Playing duck, duck, goose at an Easter Party last year. Kendyl is "it" and I'm next to her (just in case you can't tell who that big kid is in the red coat).

Makenzie's cute photo for the newspaper when she won the Elementary School City Wide Art Contest this last fall (2006). Way to go kiddo.

Sweet sisters sharing a bike! So cute. Makenzie (5) and Kendyl (2).


Cute star face Kendyl (1 year).

Silly girls. Me with my girls pulling faces.

Playing in the fountain down the street from us. In the summer we just walk down there in our swim suits every week to play in that fun thing. Scratch that- the girls wear their swim suits, I of course am fully dressed. :)

I love the excitement on Kendyl's face here. Perfect!


S.T. Lewis said...

These pictures are the best! Look at you guys... getting older and stuff. I love the one of Kenzie with her finger on her lips. That's quite a face. I'd never seen your engagement picture... that was before I knew you. I'm glad you posted these. Excellent!

Kristen said...

i loooooove kissing pictures! yay!

Seth Hippen said...

I loooooove kissing! yay!

Penelope Crackers said...

hahahaha nerd. :) Love ya.