Monday, March 11, 2013

The Great Colonial Day Trick!

Oh this girl!  My Kendyl Bendyl.  How could I get angry at that face you ask?  I'll tell you why... :)

 She's got the most amazing hair.  I love when she lets me do fun stuff with it.

For the past few months Kendyl has been so excited and working on a dress for her Colonial Day Celebration at her school.  We went to the store and I let her pick out what fabric and trims she wanted and she helped me cut it out and sew some of it.  As far as I knew everyone was just rounding up whatever they had or borrowing costumes for the celebration.  Kendyl was excited about the idea of designing and creating her own dress.  Well... the day before the Colonial Fair I got a note reminding the kids to dress up and it specifically said "plain, dull colors of browns, grays, blacks, and whites."  I asked Kendyl if she knew about that and she admitted that they had told them to use dull colors months ago, but she didn't want to tell me that because she wanted an amazing dress.  She even  told me that they had passed out costumes for the kids to borrow and that they had enough supplies that no one had to buy or sew anything, but she had told them that we would just make hers.  Whaaaaaa?  A little shocked, I asked why she didn't share this information with me and she replied that she doesn't mind being the only girl in bright pretty colors and that she will stand out like Cinderella and isn't that such a great idea?!  hahaha  OH THIS GIRL! 

So she had her marvelous Cinderella moment.  I've always wanted one of those. :) People followed her around all day and took pictures of her.  She couldn't have been happier.  I'm not sure her feet touched the floor as she glided through the hallways of her school that morning in a sea of dully colored costumes. haha  They did activities and games and even danced.  There wasn't an even ratio of boys to girls so she lucked out and danced with her best friend Claire. :)  It was fun and tiring by the end of the day as you can see in the last photo.