Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Muy Updates on Projects...

A few years ago my sister and I were delighted to discover that one of my favorite artists (Scott Gustafson) had cross stitching patterns. I know- super dorky! We both love to cross stitch at night while snuggling with our hubbies and unwinding from the day- usually for an hour or two while catching up on shows we like or sometimes Seth will read to me (currently the Hunger Games Series). It's very grandma-ish of us.I have to brag about her because here is her finished cross stitch. This is crazy big. Mine is as well, but I am only about a 1/3 of the way done. (We tease that she lets her grandma out a little more than I do to finish so quickly- the truth is that she is faster than I am) If you'd like to see close up details here's a link to her blog (here). So you can get an idea this is on 25 count fabric and both of our designs are 18" by 22"(625 stitches per inch). The pattern is 36 pages! I know- we are completely nuts. The truth is, it is more about just having something to do than anything else. In fact- both of us don't ever keep our cross stitches. Once they are done we just find someone to give them too. Well with these I think we'll keep them. In fact- I'm hoping to create a little collection so that someday when I have grandkids I can give them each one when they are born.

Usually we will mail our cross-stitches back and forth just to mix things up, but with these we haven't. Here are some pictures of my progress after 2 years.

This is the full view of what I have done so far...
It will someday look like (this)

Here are a few close ups of the detail.

I'm super excited about this find. We have been table and chair-less since October. While driving
home from the library on Saturday I took a wrong turn accidentally and drove past an estate sale which had this 7 piece set for only $100! I am currently stripping it down, sanding it and re-painting. I do like the black- it's just horribly beat up. So I'm gonna make it pretty! :) This sure beats paying 10 times as much. I'll post pics when I'm done and it's in th
e house and I've sewn a pretty table runner or something for it.

Moving right along:
What do you do with such scrumptious fabrics????

For starters make a hair clip board for my 3 girlies.:) A friend taught a bunch of us last weekend how to make these. Super easy- super cheap- unless of course you want to buy expensive stuff. :) Now all I need to do is learn how to make those cute flower hair clips....

Also I think you should buy this (book)-

which of course I did and sew some new, funky clothes for your kids that they will adore! It's a fabulous way to use all my scraps. I just ordered the book and it's on it's w
ay. I can't wait!

Last of all: (for the time being)
This chore chart that I put together has made a HUGE difference in our house. I drew up a basic design, looked up images online of kids doing chores, designed little cards, printed, cut, and laminated them. Next I went to the store and picked up some poster board, put it all together, attached velcro to everything and voilĂ  it's finished!

The girls will do am chores and pm chores- and when they are done they un-velcro them and stick them in the pocket waiting for me to decide what they will do the next day. There is a section for extra chores other than their normal to-do, which they can be paid extra for and a little chart to check off how they've done that day. They earn a bonus by being ready by 8am everyday as well. Each Monday night after Family Home Evening we look at their week's progress and pay them accordingly. They actually get excited to wake up and unvelcro their cards and check stuff off. The key to the success of this is for me to fill up their chore chart every morning before they wake up or the night before. Makenzie was finally able to earn enough to add to her savings from this past year to buy her own bike! Kendyl bought a pillow pet- and mom doesn't feel so stressed out about asking them to do each chore they need to that day. They are responsible for themselves! Hooray! :)

Here's a few upclose pictures of Kendyl's chart.

Well I'm off to go scrape some more paint off the top of that table.
I think the paint stripper has been sitting on it long enough. :)

Happy project making to you! Tell me what you are up to...