Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thriller video

Well I made our family blog unprivate again because it was just a big 'ol pain in the patootie. I found myself posting family-ish things to my projects blog here just so everyone could see and that ruins the whole purpose. So I've posted my video from our Thiller performance on our family blog and hope to keep that as family stuff from now on. Here's a link to the exact posting here

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Baby Bump and Thriller Projects

Thought I'd post a pic of the baby bump. We finally found our camera cord for uploading pictures and so here's a snap shot Seth took just before church two weeks ago. It's nice to be on the ending stretch of this pregnancy. :) Only two months and a few days left! (I'll be induced Dec. 15th)

Different news... here's a silly montage of my "Thriller Group". Some are missing from it in these photos because they missed this particular practice that I got my little girls and Seth to photograph, but you get the idea. All of the original boys have dropped out of the group except for our Michael (we have put too much pressure on him I suppose-hehe). There was a ward basketball group that started around the same time so they switched over to the dark side I guess. Oh well, it's really fun doing it as a bunch of girls too. We've had a few practices and really have it down. We perform it next Saturday and I'll see about getting someone to video record it. I keep telling them to watch Michael Jackson's video because I just can't do some of the moves as well with this big belly in the way. In fact this coming Monday (after the kids are in bed) we are meeting at one of their houses to watch the Thriller video and "13 Going on 30" while putting together our zombie costumes. I'm bringing my sewing machine, fabric glue, and gobs of Gothic fabric and trims and we'll be cutting up and dragging our costumes through the mud and adding to the clothes we've bought to be zombies. Sounds like most have picked out nasty 80's prom dresses. Mine is a big white dress that I hope to use double task as Frankenstein's Bride for Halloween night since Seth is going to be Frankie this year. It wont look like the original Frankenstein's bride, but a weird sort-of pregnant Gothic bride. I hope that by making my hair all crazy up and sprayed black with a white stripe people will get the idea.

It's nice to find some people who like to have fun in the same geeky way I do. Whenever I think about what we are doing and how excited we all are about this Thriller dance, I can't help but remember my group of friends from LA that I took a car trip to Arizona with a year and a half ago dressed up for a vampire prom. Then I always hear in my head Mr. Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice- speaking of his daughter Lydia) say something to the effect of that she will never have a problem making friends as silly as she is because she always makes such a spectacle of herself where ever she goes. I haven't lived here as long as I did in LA and since moving here I have either been working or trying to get through a rough pregnancy making me fairly anti-social. With all of that of course I have not made as good as friends with people as I did in LA, but still it's nice to have let myself out of the bag enough to make a "spectacle of myself" and have the beginnings of some "silly friends".