Friday, September 30, 2011

It's All About Rapunzel Around Here

As you can see from my previous post our world revolves around Rapunzel (at least for our youngest it does). Sewing her costume, thinking about her bday party that she'll have in December, and Penelope picking that movie to watch almost everyday puts it in my brain too. I happen to love the colors and design of the movie myself. I don't mind that she picks it to be honest. When I saw it in the theater I went home and wanted to start painting my walls and furniture in that same flat, folk style. I find myself jumping from hobby to hobby and interest to interest all day long. I wake up so excited to work on a million different projects or ideas and can't wait to finish a few responsible type things in the house just so I can steal some time to bake or create things. I have too many interests to ever live even close to a balanced life. If I could just love one or two things and focus on those hobbies I'm sure I would become most excellent, but as it is, I love EVERYTHING~ :) So I'm doomed to be ok or pretty good at a lot of things and still feel like I never have enough time.

Well just for my little Penelope I made this painting this morning while she sat on my lap and made her own painting. It's 8"x10" and is in the style of the Rapunzel movie. How I'd love to be brave enough to make large scale paintings all around my world. It would be so fun. Then when I got sick of them, I could just paint a wash over them and make more. Maybe someday, for now little is fun and do-able. I feel like I get something done when I paint small scale.

... and the real masterpiece

...................Pippy's painting!

And the artist herself.... in her red and gold shoes and snow hat in perfectly nice weather.....

And her sweet neighborhood friends.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Little Princess

Halloween is around the corner. For month's my little Pip has been begging for me to make her a "Tangled dress" as she calls it. She hardly knows her name is Rapunzel, she just always calls her Tangled. It's pretty cute. :) With three kids I begin Halloween sewing in the summer so I can make them as fun as I want and not feel stressed. So here's one down and two more costumes to go... :)

Penelope with her best little buddy.
The back of the dress.

Close up detail of front. I had to let that lace soak in bleach water so that it wouldn't be yellow anymore. I've never done that before and I was pretty proud of myself. haha

So on to Kendyl's ghost costume and Makenzie's dead fairy. I think I'll be Mother Gothel to go with Rapunzel since I've got a long red dress and black cape already.