Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Our Makenzie was in her school play this last month. We were so happy for her and proud of the wonderful job she did. We put a lot of work into the production as well. Seth and I spent quite a bit of time painting the set and I was a busy bee with sewing! Below are pictures of the play and our creations. :) Even though it was a weekend mostly about Makenzie, Kendyl found a way to get involved. She just jumped right in and grabbed a pile of play bills and stood by the wall and started passing them out. They were in a box by the door for people to grab on the way in, but Kendyl decided to be in charge of that. :) She loved it! What a sweetie pie.

The cast (above)
Makenzie with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Ron's family (below)
The Belle dress I was sewing. A big thank you to my friend Melissa who put the zipper in at the end. I'll sew them in if I must, but they tend to scare me to pieces. In this picture it was only part way through, but Makenzie wanted to try it on and pose in it. :) Cutie girl.
Here's the officially finished Belle dress on the official Belle. She's about 6 inches taller than Makenzie so that's why it was drowning her in the above picture. :)

Here's some of the other costumes I sewed or pulled out of our costume closet.

Cogsworth (I didn't make the clock- just the jacket. I threw in the complete costume picture so you could see how great it looked all together. The clock was made by the music teacher at the school and is make out of foam).

Makenzie's Sausage Curl Girl Costume (the apron was made by my terrific friend Melissa when I was in a pinch. I just added the ruffly trim around it) :) and this Villager Boy's vest is one that I made to go with Seth's pirate jacket years ago.

Monsieur Dark's costume was actually Seth's vampire costume a few Halloween's ago. I just altered it a little to fit this guy. Not too much though. He was a tall boy.

These other two costumes I had in my costume closet- neither of which I had sewn (actually the green one Seth's sister Holly sewed years ago). A lot of my fabric was made into many more costumes or made a part of the set through curtains, rugs etc. I probably donated about $1000 worth of fabric to the school. I have had it in bins and have needed to get rid of it for years. I thought I would use it all the time and I don't. We are moving soon so I figured this went to a really good cause and helped me clean out a little.

Here's the set pieces that Seth designed during one of the practices. He would have loved to have been able to spend more time and make them 3-dimensional and have the time to paint them himself, but he's a busy guy. A bunch of people painted them, but I thought it would be fun to show what he came up with.

It was such a great experience and I have to say I'm grateful it's over. It was very time consuming :) Such is the way of the theater though.