Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Turning Dreams to Plans~

I wonder why I convince myself that I'm not really an artist, that I'm fooling myself and everyone else, or why I forget that I need to draw to feel like ME and be happy... sometimes I forget for months at a time and feel terrified picking up a pen again.  Lately, I've been dreaming big again and it expresses itself through things I draw, songs I sing on my guitar, or things I sew.  I made this little doodle with my glitter gel pens in my black sketchbook last summer and this morning I added these words.  These are the words I've been repeating in my head over and over lately.  What's so scary about dreaming anyway?  What's so scary about trying?  What does it matter if I don't do as well I wish I could?  It's more awful to be numb and silence that bright little spirit in my struggling to be heard screaming who I am and what I can do or learn to do!  Here's to feeding that bright little spirit this morning!  :)  Have a beautiful day!

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