Friday, January 09, 2015

"In The Meadow"

We finished it! It was so fun thinking this up and designing it together. For Christmas Seth and I decided our gift for each other would be to collaborate on a piece of art. It's taken many hours and has been so much fun! We've named it, "In the Meadow" and the idea comes from the song "Winter Wonderland". There are 6 layers to this design within the shadow box frame. The side view picture below shows the layers a little better.  

Seth illustrated the couple and the Parson Brown snowman and I designed and made the snowflakes and snowflake border. I used some antique Victorian trim (on her bonnet) from the stashes my mom has sent me in the past.  I think my favorite part is how my husband was able to convey such tender emotion in their expressions. What a gift he's got! It was so much fun spending that time together collaborating. We decided to make a few more this week and have posted them on etsy for purchase. They are fairly time consuming so there's only a few for sale. Here's a link...
This has been so fun and we already have an idea for what the next layered piece of art we'll create will be.   I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

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