Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tropical Themed Painting

Well, here's a painting that's not for any sort of art challenge, but just because I seem to be thinking about tropical things lately :) and spring. Today my daffodils offically opened all the way and it's very exciting. This is my first garden since getting married and it is beginning to bloom. I feel so blessed and happy to see what will come up next. I spend an hour out there several times a week pulling weeds, trimming roses, clearing the ground, etc. It's so fun and reminds me of my momma. I'll post pics of my garden I'm sure as I get more progress done, but for now here are some of my daffodils.


Krisser said...

I love the colors in your new painting Kare- they're gorgeous! I love how you've framed it out too! Hurray for spring and thanks for the reminder that I need to get out and get pulling weeds- yuck!

Kristen said...

you did a great project! without being prompted by someone else! yay! You know what this means?

fabric! :)

Seth Hippen said...

Loverly design, Kare! I love how some of it goes outside the border and some stays in. It adds some nice depth to it.