Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hooray for Mommy-Daughter-Dates, Girly Movies, and Art!

Our family absolutely adores this movie. I think I adore it even more than my girls if that's possible. We went and saw it in the theater and couldn't wait until it came out on DVD.
This is a picture from my favorite part in the movie when she sings to him in Central Park. She is simply delightful to watch.

Here are some of the drawings my girls did after watching the movie. They loved it so much they sat right down and began drawing. Kendyl had a stash of stickers that she added to hers. She said Gissell was dressed up for a birthday party.
Makenzie drew her favorite part of the movie where Gissell had cut his curtains and made a dress. You can see the material cut out.

Anyway, we had a mommy-daughter date where we watched this movie and played with scrapbook paper. I haven't ever tried scrapbooking before, but I love all the yummy paper and so sometimes I just buy it and have a stock pile of it. My girls like to get into it with me- like when we made our little journals. Actually Kendyl didn't make a journal that night so she did with me the other day and here's a photo of that.

Here's what I did while we watched Enchanted. My Relief Society needed some binders for the role, announcements, sign up sheets, etc. I couldn't just let them be plain white binders- so I got out my paper, scissors, and glue and made these. One binder goes to Primary, another to Young Women and 3 go to Relief Society because the room is split into 3 sections of chairs and that way they all get around.
It's fun to spend time with these cute girls and create stuff. I love to see what they come up with. I wish we could just do this kind of stuff instead of chores. I'm looking forward to summer when I get them more. We have plans for a science day, cooking day, craft day/art, and swimming the other two days of the week. They have been making a "family camp" plan for me to submit to. I must add that I am cheerfully submitting. :) I want to invite others to join in the neighborhood though. I think that would be lots of fun and a good way to use up our summer.


cbracken said...

Can I come too? What fun!! WE LOVE Enchanted too! I like to play "A Happy Working Song" while scrubbing the toilets and I really love dancing with my girls to "How Does She Know?" Ahh...sweet fantasy!

Makenzie's curtain pic is the coolest!

Kristen said...

doesn't it feel all good to be creative? i love it.

Brittany Hall said...

What is your calling? Those binders look really fun!