Monday, December 04, 2006

Art Lessons with Kenzie

This is from an art lesson that I did with Kenzie last Christmas. I picked something simple to draw so we could focus on color and using shading and highlighting within that color range. It was a lot of fun. Her drawing turned out so beautiful that we used it for our Christmas cards last year. I've become sort of a closet artist and am practicing being more brave by posting my drawing here. In case you can't tell my drawing is on the left and my 6 year old's is on the right. (Although when she drew this she was only 5). We used colored pencil on blue construction paper. I love drawing on darker paper! It feels so dramatic. :) I would like to get better and better and hopefully I'll be brave enough to post more stuff on here.


Krisser said...

I can't believe that Kenz did this when she was 5- way to go Kenz! And yours is wonderful too Flen, it just wasn't surprising to me- you're so talented with the artsy fartsy!

S.T. Lewis said...

I LOVE your drawing... and Kenzie's is pretty amazing too. I always thought I was okay at drawing until I met your family. Kendyl's artistic abilities are set to pass mine by early March. Oh well. You should keep posting drawings. I love this one.

em said...

you guys are both awesome! i love seeing your artwork :)