Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kendyl's Preschool

I take turns teaching a preschool for my littlest and 3 of her friends. The other kids in the class are Dane, Clara, and Brecken. I teach for one week a month. Here are pictures of the cute kids learning a subraction song where they were apples and fell off the couch one by one. The top picture is of them being "shook in the tree" and Kendyl is the wild looking one in the middle. The bottom picture is of them having fallen to the ground and pretending to be dead. Kendyl is the one on the far right with her tounge out and arms spread. I guess she can't help being so dramatic with the sister and mom that she has.


james said...

my comment has nothing to do with the preschool but this one looked lonely and i need a place to post

i like the larry king background on your blog


Seth Hippen said...

I'm so glad you're doing this for the kids! We're already seeing how much this is helping Kendyl. You're such a great mom.

emfalconbridge said...

hey! so glad you have a blog for me to look at!
mine is
i want to email you but cant find a link!!
em :)