Friday, November 24, 2006

Cross stitch gift

My parents are serving an LDS mission in Salt Lake City, Utah doing Family History Work for people and as a going away gift my sister and I made this cross stitch. We had fun sending it back and forth for about 6 months. It was nice to work on it and mail it off and then get it back a few weeks later in the mail with a bunch more done. I worked on it for so many hours at a time that I haven't felt like cross stitching for an entire year. Finished, it was something like 18" by 24".

This lower picture is a close up of it. Greg Olsen is one of my mom's favorite religious artists and so it was perfect to find a cross stitch pattern for this painting. I just visited them and they have it hanging up in their beautiful apartment there. They live in a building that is up a hill a little ways up from Temple Square in down town Salt Lake City and are on the 12th floor. From their balcony you can see the entire valley and the top of the conference center. It's so beautiful.


Krisser said...

I must say that this is one spectacular piece of artwork! Of course, I could be a little biased! This was so fun to do together, when do we start our "Welcome Home" gift for them?

S.T. Lewis said...

That means they could probably see me at work if they wanted to. I should go up on the roof and wave to them... but I'll probably wait until it's not snowing. This is cool... looks like tons of work.

Anonymous said...

Well done !
Gorgeous work ! It looks like a painting !
Congratulations !
Merry Christmas from Southern France

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the pattern for the cross-stitch? It is beautiful!

Penelope Crackers said...

I wish I could remember where we got the pattern from. Sorry! I'll see if my sister remembers.