Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Visiting My Sister and making PEG DOLLS

I've been visiting my sister and her family all week. Being with my sister means I've got someone to sing along with me to "oldies" the way I do- all harmonies and instruments.  smile emoticon
Being with my sis means staying up most the night laughing over dumb things thinking that in the morning we'll realize how unfunny they were, to find we laugh just as hard the next day. Being with my sis means being with someone else who is as crazy as me about creating stuff. We got through a season of a show we like while crafting and painting inbetween all the other fun stuff and into the night. (I'm so gonna crash when I get home). Here are some pics of the frame we painted to go with the print she gave me and the peg dolls I painted to look like the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor Who, a Weeping Angel, and a Dalek. Krisser cut the wood for the TARDIS and we put it together and I painted it. My kids are going to flip being able to play with these. I love you KrisserBugs.

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