Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Dewdrop Princess

Complete and utter adoration! smile emoticon We are so proud of our little Dew Drop Princess, but no one was more proud than a little sis! She was perfectly princessly up there on stage. She was even more on cloud 9 as soon as she got out of the school and was running up and down the hill in the foggy lamp light holding her hoop skirt - dress billowing behind her like Cinderella. All us moms watching, grabbed our hearts in one collective sigh imagining how fun that must feel to do. Lol Man alive how I want to sew one for me now! Hahaha Afterwards we had friends over for a banana split bar/glow stick dance party/foosball tournament. A great night, but now I'm ready to rest!  Below are more pics of the dress.  :) It's basically the pattern of Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast, with a few alterations and sewn in turquoise of course. :)

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