Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So Much Halloween!

This year's costumes!  Makenzie helped sew her vampire dress.  Kendyl's costume is one that Makenzie used a few years ago (Wednesday from the Addam's Family).  Pip is the Ghost With A Black Eye (I sewed that ghost costume a few years ago for Kendyl).  If you don't know what that is a reference to I don't blame you. hahaha   It is Penelope's favorite story for us to tell.  She's been having us tell her it over and over since she was 2.  It's basically as story of a family who moves into a haunted house.  In the basement in the closet is a ghost with a black eye that scares everyone, except the very youngest little girl (whom we always have said was named Pip).  At the end the little girl scares the ghost by saying he better get out of there or she'll give him another black eye.  Pip always cheers at this part and jumps around. :)

Here's a close up of my creepy little ghost.  Her black eye makeup got rubbed off just before our little photo shoot because Penelope tripped and cried and rubbed it all off.  We were running late for a party so there was no time to reapply.  
Here's another one... a little less creepy... and a whole lot more cute.
Here's a lunch sack Seth drew one time of the story.  Pip kept this taped on her wall by her bed for years she loved this drawing so much.

Onto my even creeper Kendyl.  That girl knows how to get in character...


Here she is showing a more tender side- giving her little sissy a kiss. :) 

Last of all, Makenzie the vampire!

eek!  She gets into character too!

She did such a fabulous job on this dress.  She put hours into this sucker  (me too!)  It was worth it! :)

My favorite Halloween decoration this year is something my husband drew on one of our girl's lunch sacks.
It's of them in the same position as one of the stretching portraits in Disney's Haunted Mansion.

It is framed and in our music room.  :)

Happy Halloween!

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