Monday, July 19, 2010

A few more fairy shoes

After giving my mom her fairy shoe for Christmas she gave me a little bin of fabric, lace, trim, flowers, thread, ribbon, beads, and buttons from mostly the Victorian era, but some are older and some are from the 20's, 30's, and 40's. She is an antique doll collector and has an entire room dedicated to doll supplies. She hand sews and repairs many of their clothes to be authentic to that particulars doll time period. She has shelves and shelves and bins of wonderful, yummy supplies. Whenever I go home to visit I play in that room by sitting on the floor and open bin after bin looking at the wonderful pieces that she has admiring the handiwork of someone 100-200 years ago. She gave me some of her prize smaller pieces so that I could make her a collection of antique fairy shoes. I love using her stuff. It's like opening a treasure box each time I open it and reminds me of being home with her.

My mom's birthday was a few weeks ago and Seth's mom had her birthday a few weeks before that. I decided it was time to make some more fairy shoes for my two moms. :) To see the other shoes I made you can click here.

This is a blue lady's fairy shoe for my mom. Isn't that flower exquisite? This blue silk was the most wonderful fabric to work with. It came in the form of a HUGE ribbon. I like to paint a lot of my shoes with a gold, copper, or silver metallic paint on the inside to hide stitching and give it a more rich feel. You can see that slightly in the picture on the left. (just ignore the chipped off pink paint on my nails- it's time to play beauty salon with my girls and get another manicure) :)

The blue polka dot shoe is my mom's other shoe for her b-day and the gold and red shoe is Georgia's (Seth's mom). Georgia's shoe isn't made from all old materials, but has some old tatting and lace on it. My mom's polka dot shoe has such a wonderful old black button that seems very art deco to me. I remember when my mom gave me that button and I couldn't wait to see what shoe it would appear on that I would make. The black beads were stitched to some old netting and the tassels on the back of the shoe are from a Victorian fan.


Chrystal said...

Ooohhh! Sooo fun!! Just takes you away to a whole other world!

Anonymous said...

do you sell Halloween calendar this year?

I'd like to buy one like those made last year.

Please let me know
I write you on etsy


megan said...

I'm seriously drooling all over myself right now. Those are completely awesome.