Monday, June 21, 2010


In my search for inspiration to create a most marvelous Mad Hatter's Tea Party (with much muchness) for my daughter's 7th birthday party I found this... for me...

....... um....YES PLEASE!

I can't think of a more marvelous thing to see everyday as I put on makeup than a popup book scene of one of my favorite stories. There's even a website to show how to do the makeup of the different characters from the movie using this box of shadows.

Okay so I didn't really buy it for me ($52), but if you'd like to here's a link. And in case you are wondering I wouldn't be offended in the least if you gave me one of these too. hahaha


Seth Hippen said...

Way cool, but you may get confused as to which side of the looking glass you are on!

David and Melissa said...

When is the party?

Can I come?

I can be the field mouse in the kettle!


Chrystal said...

That's amazinlgy fun and creative! What an awesome find! I look forward to party pics!!