Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thankful Journal

Well I finally did it! I've had plans for making this since November. I was going to start at the first of the year and that came and went, so what better day to start it than today (March 2nd). The girls and I messed around with paper, glue, ribbon, markers, and cardboard last night for a few hours and made our own creations. Makenzie wanted to make a journal like me and Kendyl wanted to make a "shooting heart" and an "ornament". What fun. The way this "Thankful Journal" works is that every day for a year I will record a few words of what I was thankful for that day. Emily Falconbridge thought it up and made one of her own that you can check out here and my friend Kristen made one too that you can check out here. It's a fun simple idea and easy to keep up with. A lot easier than a painting a week I'll bet, but I'd still like to keep painting. :)
Anyway, here's how mine turned out. Here's the front and inside the cover. I just glued it all together not really knowing what I was doing, but so happy trying something new.

Here's what all of our creations look like together. Kendyl's "shooting heart" is the gold creation protruding from the top and her ornament is that paper wiggly-squiggly creation on the left. Makenzie's journal is to the very most right and I thought she was quite inventive to make a clasp to keep it shut with that cute polka-dot paper. They are resting against our "Tinkerbell lamp". It's this cool lamp that opens up and we've filled with little paper slips of "happy thought" memories. Seth and I started filling it up when we were first married so it has memories from dating all the way to our crazy kids. It's fun to look through together sometimes.

Here's our cute Makenzie writing in hers today. She wrote last night too. She was so happy as she was making it and writing in it today. She kept telling me how fun it was to be creative and that I was being like her Aunt Kristie who always makes neat cards and sends them to us. Sweet girl.

Anyway, I'm excited about this new journal. I think it's a beautiful gift to be thankful and probably one you have to work diligently for. What a great idea to end each day thinking about how the Lord has blessed you and what you are thankful for. I feel it's very important. President Eyring gave a great talk last conference called, "Oh Remember, Remember" and I feel this journal is a spin off of his counsel. I've attached a link to his talk here. Read it. It's wonderful. Go ahead and make your own journals too. It's so fun.


Lisa-Marie said...

I LOVE the idea for a Thankful journal. It is always so easy to remember what we DON'T have rather than what we do! Good for you.

And the Tinkerbell lamp idea....that is fabulous. We just might have to steal the idea. I love it.

Kristen said...

those look great! i love your papers!

Nanette said...

Elle's comment was "WOW!" I agree. :)

The-Allen-Family said...

Hi, its Rebbecca, This looks so fun! I love everything you do. I can't get over how much you and Kristy do. I get overwhelmed at times just seeing it and wishing I could do it all. Maybe I'll get there. I am so glad I got your comment on my blog. I hope to stay in contact now with you guys.
Love ya

Jim Hippen said...

Karalenn,I think it's wonderful that you are teaching your girls to be thankful. I believe gratitude is one of the first principles of the gospel, right after 1)Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, 2)Repentance, and 3)Love. Our family is thankful for you! -Grandpa Hippen

Marian & Edward said...

Kar, Joel's getting married this weekend?!? Man, I wish I could come. . . That's the hard thing about living in Texas. It's so stinkin' far away!

Love you!

Krisser said...

Your journal is so beautiful! It turned out gorgeous Flem! And Kenzie's is spectacular too- what a sweet girl to think of her Aunt, I guess I need to send a few more cards your guys' way!

megan said...

Love your book! and Mackenzie's, too.
As usual, I am so impressed. Thanks for inspiring me, again! And thanks for reminding me how important gratitude is.

I'm looking forward to seeing that beautiful baptism dress, too!