Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Makenzie's Baptism Dress

Okay Kristen, here is the fabric that I called you about while I was in the fabric store today. For everyone else... you are looking at the fabric that will become Makenzie's baptism dress(not what she will be baptized in of course, but the dress she'll wear after in celebration of such a great event in her life). The underneath fabric is a shantung and the skirt part will have this organza black finished lace fabric over it. The bodice and sleeves will be the shantung with regular white sheerish organza over it. I haven't quite decided all the embellishments yet and trim, but the beads are for the embroidery work I'm going to do on the bodice.
Here's a closer look at her dress. Sorry if it's still hard to read. You can look up the pattern online. It's McCall's 4286. It's the dress to the left. I love the one to the right, but it's a bit fancy- more a wedding reception- flower girl dress I think. Anyway, I love the flowy airiness of this dress and it's sweet empire waist and slightly poofed sleeves. It feels Jane Austin-ish to me.
When I finish the dress I'll have her pose in it and post it to here. Of course I can't even get to this dress until I finish a series of books I'm reading (which should only take a few more days) and get my house back in order from our lovely vacation to LA. I should probably switch the order of those things to get done, but I most likely wont. :) Her baptism is still 2 months away so I'm not too stressed. "Still 2 months away"!!! Can you believe my little baby is so big? Already 8. Before you know it I'll be sewing her wedding dress. Oh dear, now I have to stop typing. For some reason my computer screen is all blurry. Waaahhhaaa haaa.


Nanette said...

That fabric is SO pretty! *gasp!*
I love it!! I'm so excited to see the finished product!

jessica said...

That will be gorgeous!!! I seriously need to learn how to sew!

Kristen said...

i can't believe you called me TUESDAY and it's already THURSDAY and I'm finally checking after i demanded that you post this!

bad, friend, kristen! BAD friend!

it's lovely! I love it! It's perfect! It's totally young and innocent and beautyous and floaty - exactly what it should be!

milojthatch said...

Oh boy, looks great!