Thursday, July 05, 2007

Week 21: Your Redeeming Qualities/Qualities You Aspire Towards

Emily's Challenge for Week 21 was: "Your Redeeming Qualities/Qualities You Apsire Towards".
You can find hers here. The first thing to come into my mind were qualities that I aspire towards of course, because I am never satisfied with where I am. I always am thinking of how to improve or how to be better. Once I feel a sense of accomplishment, it is short lived. I soon am thinking how to improve the next time. That's why I love these challenges so much. It pushes me to the very core. I'm so happy to see me come out of my shell with art again. When I finish a piece of art I will feel happy and show it to who ever is around and then I begin to look at it and see what I could fix or do if I were to start over to make it better. I soon learned that the great thing about this challenge is there is always a new painting to make. I can feel happy about what I learned in that painting and not pick at it because I'll get to paint again in a few days.
So instead of picking what qualities I want, I'm going to feel happy about what qualities I have. :) I think one of my greatest traits is my desire to grow and blossom. So I made this painting to represent me as that beautiful butterfly who was not afraid of growth or change. I know I will blossom here in Utah where we have just moved. I'm not afraid of adventures and people that will come into my life. I'm not afraid of the unknown. In fact I'm excited! I will be a better person for it. Work is hard, change is hard, but who's happy with the same old blah? It's in the struggle and work and change that make us beautiful and refined. Growth to me is happiness and beauty.

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