Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deck of Me- Week 20: Change

Well it's been a whirl-wind of a month and it's only going to stay that way for at least another month or two. I finally was able to get to my paints and a scanner to get back into this art challenge thing I do. I have missed being creative with my paints. I feel that all I've done is run around with half a brain trying to move to a new state, find a new house while living in temporary housing and Seth's parents', and move again.

Buying your first home is oh so exciting and insane at the same time. I feel that I have had a crash college course in the matter of a few weeks, but think I may pass with an A because we found a most wonderful home that will close on the 27th of June. (keep your fingers crossed). Everything is ready, we're just waiting now. :) We wont move in all the way until July 20th because we can stay in temporary housing that long. I'll just drive out there and paint and get it ready and then be able to crash at our nice little temporary apartment at night. I'll go less crazy and be able to pace myself better and probably get a lot more done than if we just moved in there with all of our stuff and had to paint with all of that around us.

The last challenge I left off on was Week 20: Change. Very fitting don't you think? I began sketching this card the day before we moved from LA and didn't finish until a few days ago. Now that I've found a scanner I will be trying to get all caught up as quick as I can (I'm 4 behind- eeek) and post them here. It's pretty self explanatory what my card is about. It's one of my favorites I've made I think. I saw a little picture of a tree house that I fell in love with and used for our moving announcement cards that inspired this picture. It's actually quite similar in the tree part of it with the tree house in it on my card and then I just made it me. :)

The home that we've fallen in love with is outside of Salt Lake City in the mountains a bit. The neighborhood seems to have a lot of young families with children our children's ages. From the backyard while standing on the deck you can see the entire valley and Utah Lake. For miles it's just fields and grass and from the front yard you see the little hills and mountains we are next to. It's got a covered deck for outdoor furniture and an outdoor fire pit. I plan to play my guitar out there every night I can. Also there's a hot tub which I will use on the nights I'm not serenading the crickets. It has an enclosed trampoline and fun play ground set for our girls. In fact when we were looking at houses the girls fell in love with the swings and as they were swinging declared, "If you pretty please buy this house we will never fight again. See how well we are swinging together!" So pretty much that sealed the deal for us. jk (Sorry girls, we're not falling for it. Lucky for you we like the place) :)

It is surrounded by such a beautiful garden that has won "Most Beautiful Yard" three different times. The actual house is almost 3,300 square feet with 4 rooms, a bonus loft room, two family rooms, a living room, finished basement, 3 fireplaces, jetted tub, the list goes on and on. The previous owners had a girl so one room is painted all princess and the room next to it is painted to look like a grassy forest fairy land. The girls have decided to share the princess room to sleep in and put their toys in the grassy forest fairy land. Even their bathroom is princessy. I just keep wishing I knew the mom who lived in the house before who did so many fun things to it because we seem to be kindred spirits. It's going to take a while to get all settled in, repaint, and save and buy all the things we need (a car for Seth, washer/dryer and table/chairs) and the things we want (new couches and bedroom set). We wanted to put the best down payment we could down and so for a little bit we are "house poor". We figure it's allowed.

Poor Sethy-poo will have a bit of a commute I'm afraid, but he actually wanted to search mostly in this city or on the other side of the valley and both would be long commutes into Downtown Salt Lake, so I figure I shouldn't blame myself for his terrible 45 minute commute each way. I just hope the car he buys is a good fuel efficient one that will be safe in the winter. Is that combination possible? Any ideas? It still has to look manly you know. :)

Well I'll be sure to post again soon with another painting and probably more photos of our temporary housing the fun stuff to do all around it. For now here's a few pictures of the house.


Melissa said...

Its absolutely beautiful! House and card! I'm so jealous...we are house hunting too (to rent of course) with not quite as extravagent luck! But at least the one we found (crossing our fingers) does have a really big back yard. We went to the ward on Sunday and Robbie declared to us that he is looking for his new Kendyl friend. he sure misses her! I'm sure you will love your new place!

Sooz said...

Welcome Back!! So glad to have your entries to peek at again...I love your painted cards. This one is so sweet. Love the story of your new house, too. Such beautiful views. All good things to you and yours!

PS I devoured the two Stephenie Meyers books - then shared them with my teenaged nieces - all three of us are on pins and needles waiting for the NEXT one(next month, right?) Thanks for the inspiration!

lyzzydee said...

You are so tallented, I wish I could sketch and draw!Lovely card!