Friday, August 15, 2014

Dr. Who in Washington DC

This last week the girls and I decided to make a quick trip to Washington DC to meet up with some old friends we knew would be visiting here. Old friends, as in we have been friends since college.  The husband was my old swing dance partner in college and his wife is from my hometown and one of the dearest relationships of my life.  Her dad and my dad had been old college pals as well.  She inspires me and brings out the best in me.  Our kids are the same ages and we've lived in several states at the same time creating many memories along the way.  They are like family.  We love them dearly!  Just before leaving DC I got down on my stomach in a field between the White House and the Washington Monument, put the little TARDIS thing my sister and I made close-ish to the camera and had Phillip and Makenzie pretend to be The Dr. and his companion running in a field far away to look like they were running for the TARDIS. He even had on a vest and bow tie! The little TARDIS is only 6 inches tall or so, but with how we lined them up I think it turned out perfect.  The very last thing we did before driving off was get out our guitars and sit on a monument and play and record us singing and playing like we always do.  I am so blessed to have friendships like these!  Here are a few more of my favorite pics from the trip....

My favorite quote of the trip was when we were sitting infront of the Lincoln Memorial. There was a noisy tour group passing by and I overheard Makenzie say to Phillip as he was telling her story, "Wait. Stop. I can't hear you above the sound of all this freedom."  'Merica!  :)  hahaha  What a funny kid.

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