Friday, February 15, 2013

Lunch Bag Friday: Valentine's, Braces and Plays

Seth drew these bags in honor of Valentine's Day, Kendyl's new braces, and Makenzie's play (in which she played a very cute Who member of Whoville last weekend).

This morning when Kendyl saw her bag she was really confused and declared that braces, "DO NOT FEEL LIKE A LONG BEAR HUG!" To which Seth replied that it was his wishful thinking they did. lol In her defense braces do hurt for a little while and it's especially hard to keep practicing your clarinet with a sore mouth. She is doing much better now though. Too bad in three weeks they get tightened again. lol

Kenzie helped make that adorable yellow dress by stuffing it with tulle, closing it up again, and attaching the fur. She also made a cute HUGE pearl necklace by painting wooden dowel ends white and stringing them like pearls. She was the darn cutest Who in the whole play. Of course I am her mother, but I did hear someone sitting behind us during the play say the same thing to the person they were sitting next to. smile emoticonhehehhe Love those kinds of moments.   

 Here's a pic of Kenzie before the performance with some of her best buddies that are in the play too.

Here's a family pic from after the play and like usual Pip was difficult during the play until she fell asleep in Seth's arms half way through.  Luckily he didn't get peed on while holding a sleeping kid during a play... that's happened before. hahaha
Hanging out at the diner after!  Makenzie's favorite part. :)

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