Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Love Letters Decoration

The last week has been a lot of fun to find little love notes randomly throughout the day in our own envelope on this banner that I made. A few weeks ago I began sketching out this idea. Originally I was going to make it into an advent calendar, but my sister had a great idea to turn it into little pockets to keep love notes in. So I sketched it out and she did color tests and we decided on this! Man alive, I love that sister of mine and how fun it is to create stuff with her. Someday we'll live by each other again, but it's wonderful to be able to create together via the internet. :)

I have enough materials to custom make 3 more for anyone that would like to purchase it. I posted it on my etsy shop at:

So here's the full view...

...and a close up on those two cute little love birds :)

This is the heart pocket that holds the papers to write on and the little red envelope holds our small pencils.

I LOVE the new embroidery machine I got for Christmas. It was really fun embroidering all our names and little designs on it and writing "Be Mine" with it. Those little Christmas tree advent calendars took about 3-4 hours just to embroider the numbers below the pockets. Now it's a cinch.


gea said...

wowww !! its stunning !!!

Chrystal said...

Unbelievably adorable!!! What a fun talent you have!