Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Halloween Sewing...

Here's this year's costumes. :)

I love that Penelope is the pretty little princess between two scary big sisters. Her pose cracks me up. Her costume was the most time consuming this year. Kendyl wanted to be a scary ghost. It had to be "real looking"- so I made layers and layers of sheer fabric and finished all the edges to with a lettuce edge so it would ripple.

Makenzie wanted to be a dead fairy. I just used a fairy dress of mine and altered it a bit. It was actually very easy and fast- about 5 minutes at a machine. We put a battery pack of led lights in her hair do, add wings, dead looking makeup, typical Makenzie attitude and wah lah - we had ourselves a dead fairy.

Wish I could claim I sewed this. Truth is... last year while I was planning out an Edward Scissorhands costume and looking up prices for material, buckles, etc. online I came across this costume. It was 50% off because it was during December I'm guessing. So here it is, a costume that looks just like the movie and for about $80 cheaper than all the supplies would have been to buy it before sewing it. :)

I did help with the make up though. :) Oh my Seth Scissorhands. He makes Halloween... be Halloween.


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Chrystal said...

ROCKIN'!!! Those are awesome costumes (as usual!) Loved the ghost creativity and Seth makes a fabulous Scissorhands! I think your family is killer!

Sheri said...

Awesome! : ) I love little Pip in her Rapunzel dress. SOOOO pretty. Seth looks awesome. THe girls look SPOOKY. : ) I love the dead fairy idea, that's definitely original.