Saturday, February 07, 2009

Krisser's and My Latest Adventures

Winter time, sitting around a lot, and all the major holidays are done for a while make prime ingredients for two bored sisters who itch to do projects together. So what do we do?.... start a new project? No- start WAY TOO MANY PROJECTS- and yes we are in over our heads and so excited. :) We like to do cross stitches together from time to time. Here's a link of the last one we did together here. Kristie just finished one for my mom you can check out here. The way we work it is that each of us will take on a cross stitch, work on it for a while, and then switch for a few weeks at a time. It's fun to send something off and get something new and fresh to work on and then a few weeks later get yours back with a bunch more done on it. The cross stitches we've chosen this time are Scott Gustafson designs and SO SO wonderful. Kristie is starting the "Frog Prince" one and I'm making "Pat-a-Cake" nursery rhyme one. They will probably take us at least a year, but when we are done with those I have 3 more patterns waiting right in my craft cupboard. :) I guess it'll be a Scott Gustafson gallery when it's all done.

Here's the other 3 that are waiting for us when we are done with these. Probably what will end up happening is that we will be sick of this style for a while, get into a different sort of hobby like sewing to exchange and then come back to start these other ones in a year or two. Below are the paintings of "Snow White", nursery rhyme of "Owl and the Pussy Cat", and "Golilocks".

Must admit that even though I haven't purchased the pattern for this one yet, it's so sweet. I'm tempted to get it because I think it would make such a great present for someone sometime.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

52Q- Week 4: "When I look into my eyes, I see...."

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