Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Costumes for '09

I've written about our Halloween adventures on our family blog, but for the sake of showing my sewing projects I'll put up our costumes here. :)

This was by far the most simple year for costumes....

My oldest was wrapped all up in cloth- super easy!

My middle child wanted to be a "beautiful witch- not a mean ugly one." So I cut up a princess dress and inserted orange spider material and sewed on a spider! 15 minutes- easy shmeasy!

I didn't need to sew a new costume for my baby- she looked great in one we already had- woo hoo! And as for me- I had a witch hat and a skirt from a previous year as well. I also grabbed stuff from my closet that I like to wear anyway (striped tights and cool boots).

I made my hubby that Neil Diamond costume a few weeks ago for the roadshow that my ward put on that I was in charge of. He sang a Neil Diamond song for the finale. I'm so glad that's done. It was so fun, but also a lot of work! I've never been in a play before let alone written or directed anything. So it was an interesting and crazy and fun and stressful experience and took up about 6 months of my life. :) The theme was "God Bless America". If you'd like to see the video that our friends Scott and Nancy made of our performance you can find it here...

Anyway, for Halloween Seth decided he would just be a "dead" Neil Diamond and use that same costume. :) Here my daughter is showing me how to pose more scary.


JCCB said...

Your 'easy smeasy' year is still AWESOME! I love how fun you guys are for Halloween! Your Neil Diamond ROCKS by the way! LOVE YOU!! Let's play soon!! CALL ME!!

Kristen said...

wait, how did seth manage to be home for halloween? yay for you!

and your costumes, as always, look great!!

Amber said...

Have you given up on blogging? Haven't seen anything new in ages.