Tuesday, January 27, 2009

52Q- Week 3: Do I Believe in Fairies?

This painting is described in my journaling on the back, but it basically says that I believe in fairies with all my heart. :) The painting is of Christmas Eve 2007 when Makenzie lost her tooth and we had two visitors to our home that night. We wish we could have been there to see Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy sit down to a quaint tete-a-tete over hot cocoa and sugar cookies. I'm sure the Tooth Fairy decided on drinking herbal peach tea while Santa enjoyed his hot chocolate. In the journaling I mention video footage that we caught that night of Santa Clause. If you'd like to see that you can follow this link to it here.


Seth Hippen said...

I love it, Kare. Santa's swirly beard, your color choices, and the reasons for making it are my three favorite parts, but the whole thing is fantastic.

cbracken said...

Awww...loved this picture! Great job!~