Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well I couldn't help it. I had so much fun on Monday drawing and painting I had to do it again today. Maybe what I was inspired to paint today will fit into next week's art journal. We'll see... :)

The reason I painted this was because of something so adorable yesterday. I was taking my girls on a walk and we came across a wishmaker (dandilion). The way my littlest blows on them is that everytime she blows she gets to make a wish. So one dandilion can possibly make about 15 wishes come true- which is quite clever if you ask me. So on our walk my little Kendyl spotted a wishmaker from her stroller and Kenzie ran to get it for her. As I am pushing Kendyl along Kenzie and I stop our conversation because Kendyl is making the cutest wishes and making us laugh. Here they are as best as I can remember...

1. I wish for a princess
2. I wish for a pretty dress
3. I wish for a castle
4. I wish for flowers
5. I wish for leaves
6. I wish for lots of grandmas and grandpas
7. I wish for Santa to bring one more present (this one isn't new. Ever prayer, everyday, even if it's at meal time she prays/wishes for this.)
8. I wish to sit on Santa's lap. This time I wont be scared.
9. I wish for a lion

... and so on. It was such a sweet little moment that I wanted to document it. I was only going to post her wishes and then I started imagining her with her wishmaker in different fun places like nestled up by a tree, on the moon, and I even imagined her really tiny sitting on a dandilion pulling out the little puffs. I'll make that one sometime. Here is her making wishes for the moon. And the moon is quite pleased. :)

I just realized something. The moon is one of my all time favorite symbols! I could use this for my Deck of Me week number 4 instead of that fish thing I made. :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Deck of Me- Week 4: A Symbol You Love

Emily's prompt for this week is "A Symbol You Love". So here it is in a first grade class art project kind of way... a fish! A fish is the symbol for Christ and I also love that a flying fish is the symbol for magic. I love both things! (The butterflies and dragonflies help you know the fish is flying.) I was going to do a watercolor painting like I have done for all the other weeks, but I'm already working on a watercolor painting that my head is really into and I just wanted to have fun and try something different with this week's challenge. (Check later this week to see the little painting I'm working on, it'll be done- it's very whimsical- like the post below this) :)

This technique for this is something that I taught to my daughter's first grade class last week. You paint glue on a page and then stick little pieces of colored tissue to it in anyway you want. After it dries you cut out the shape of your object and attach it to a background paper. I knew I wanted to make my symbol be a fish and my daughter was the one who thought to make my fish this way because of the art lesson I taught in her class of making "Elmer the elephant". So Sunday night we all (Seth, me, and my two girls) sat down at our table and made our little tissue art fishes. It was so fun, messy, and carefree. I think Makenzie's turned out beautiful. Here it is.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just wanted to crop this from my last painting so that I could make it my profile picture. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Deck of Me- Week 3: I Am Statement

For Emily's challenge this week we get to make our journal cards have an "I Am" statement about ourselves. I have to say this one was easy shmeasy for me to know what I would do because I have a bit of a princess complex- in a NON high-maintenance kind of way. :) I happen to love all things princessy, sparkly, shiny, fairytale, magical, etc. I always have. I can’t help it. I love fairy tales, but along with that I have deep beliefs about God and that I am his daughter- a princess.

*small confession* I have a collection of tiaras that I love to wear around the house. I usually wear them while I am cooking or cleaning- no, not to feel like Cinderella. It’s because I am a stay-at-home mom and sometimes it can be a bit thankless and at times not very glamorous. There have been days when I have forgotten my worth and so to keep an eternal perspective, remember who I am, and feel proud of the choice I have made to be a mom and stay home with my girls I wear my little tiara. Besides it’s fun!

I had a wonderful time drawing and painting this today! Too fun. Also I’m so impressed with everyone else who is doing this. It’s inspiring to see what you all do. I’m looking forward to my little art time next week and seeing what you all create. CHEERS!

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Favorite Book and Drawings From When I Was 10 Years Old

I have a MOST favorite book from my childhood. It is the charming, "Miss Suzy" by Miriam Young and illustrated by Arnold Lobel. I loved how Mr. Lobel made little worlds for smaller things like squirrels, mice, toys, etc. I loved miniatures and always wanted a doll house. This book felt like a doll house. The picture above is from that book and is about a squirrel who lived in a cute little house in the top of a tree until some mean squirrels kicked her out and she had to find another home. In someone's attic she found a little Victorian doll house to be able to stay in. I loved that doll house she moved into too. Arnold Lobel illustrated the front of it and also drew little pictures of Miss Suzy sitting on furniture or little bits of rooms and my imagination went crazy with how the house was set up and how it looked in every room. So I drew how I thought each room probably looked. I tried to draw the front of the doll house as best as I could copying his drawing from the book, but as for the other rooms I made up a lot of those and some of them completely.

I found this old book in a box in my parent’s garage 3 years ago and inside the book were my drawings from 5th grade! It was so magical finding my old drawings! I shot back to being 10 years old again. I think I had even drawn Miss Suzy and her toy soldier friends that she finds later in the book who help her win back her house in the trees. I vaguely remember drawing the characters in the book and cutting them out and then playing with them on top of my drawings of the rooms like they were in a doll house. So here are my drawings.
This is the outside of the doll house that Miss Suzy goes to live in for the winter and the front living room. I remember drawing my mom's vase in that room. I decided that the living room led to the upstairs and also to a family room connected to a kitchen.
Here is the family room/kitchen on the top picture. The second door way I made led to the outside deck. I drew my mom's lamp and chair and one my mom’s antique dolls and created that doll stand for her. In the kitchen I put some of Miss Suzy's stuff from her first house because I thought she would miss her acorn cups. The family room had a firefly lamp. I figured she would probably put them in her new house after a couple of weeks of living there because those sorts of things were in her first house. The second drawing is the upstairs hallway. I remember making the staircase top look like my favorite kind of fence that I would always draw at Halloween time going around a graveyard. :) The hallway led to Miss Suzy's room and the bathroom and what you couldn't see from that angle is it leading also the the guest room (spelled "gest room" in my next picture).
So here is Miss Suzy's room. I remember that the bed was in the book and I loved it! Miss Suzy would bounce on that bed when I would pretend. Doesn't it look bouncy? I put my parent's dresser in this room. It's so fancy! :0) The second drawing is the guest room where the toy soldiers slept. I put our glass coffee table and vase in this. That book on the table was a photo album that we had in our house that had old black and white pictures of my ancestors. That second doorway in the room was going to lead to a bathroom, but I decided not to draw a bathroom because I was just too excited to play with my drawings.

I am so happy to find these and remember little me and how I would think. I worked on these drawings for a long time. I was so excited about them that I remember bringing them to a big Halloween Sleepover to work on them and even being made fun of a little, but I didn't care. I'm glad I was a geeky enough kid to want to make these because now I have these to help me remember a smaller me. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Deck of Me- Week 2: Something That Is Powerful To Me...

Painting #2: Seth and I were able to go on the most wonderful day long date this last Saturday. We'd love to go out on dates every week and there have been times in our marraige when we lived by family or have been neighbors with close friends when this was possible, but for at least two years or so we've only been able to go on a date about once every two months if we are lucky. We had a great time! We began our date at the park talking about us, memories, goals, our children, etc. We haven't had such a great talk in a while. I felt so renewed and excited to begin this new year. I'm so happy to married to the wonderful person I am married to.

Then we went to a great Japanese resturant called Gyu Koku where there was a little bbq pit in the middle of our table and they brought us course after course of delicious food to grill ourselves. We spent about 2 hours there laughing, singing along to the music, and having fun. Then we watched a movie. It was such a great day!

All growing up my dad use to take me on "adventures" (usually driving around in the car for a few hours) and he would talk to me about the person I was, what was going on in my life, what my goals were, and memories from him growing up. I loved those talks. I felt like it put life back in perspective and I felt renewed. This is how our talk at the park felt and basically our whole date. That is why I chose to paint a picture of different pretty leaves... because what is powerful to me is "Turning Over A New Leaf" and feeling renewed and greatful for life! And I do. Thanks honey! MMmwWHHhaa!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Deck of Me- Week 1: Something I'm Proud Of...

My very talented Emily has a great blog of ideas and her most recent entry is a challange to all. I couldn't help myself. I had to join in. To look at the full details of this challenge check out her blog at . Check it out and join too.

I haven't painted for the heck of it in a while and I've never scrapbooked before, but I use to paint all the time so here is my first entry. My friend Nanette gave me 15 blank watercolor postcards for painting on. I figure I'll start with these and try scrapbooking cards in a few weeks. (maybe) :) It's being creative that counts and recording it like a journal. It was wonderful to draw and pull out the old paints, brushes, and pallet. Oh joy! So this week's entry of something that I'm proud of is... "Today I took it easy." It's always nice to sit back, relax, and drink some herbal tea.

I am usually running around so much with kids, my dancing, volunteering at my daughter's elementary school with guitar and art lessons, teaching my other daughter's preschool, and helping friends. I seem to not know how to say "no" and cancel things to take a break. I have been so proud of myself the past few weeks of taking it easy, keeping my house more clean, playing my guitar, and playing with my kids more. I'm trying to change to slow things down and take it easy. So this is why I'm proud of myself. :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Family Karaoke Night

For FHE (Family Home Evening) yesterday we read a few stories from the girl's "Friend" magazine and then broke out one of our new Christmas presents- A Karaoke Mic! Our poor, poor neighbors. The girls sang "In the Jungle" and "Yellow Submarine", I sang "I Want You to Want Me", and Seth sang an unforgetable "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a very histerical "The Rose" in Neil Diamond's voice. I'm so scared to go outside and show my face to my neighbors. If I can hear my neighbor cough at night while I'm laying in bed, they could definitely hear us belting awful karaoke past 9:00 at night.

My friend Stacie has a very cute asian neighbor in her 40's who loves to sing karaoke Disney Classics. I loved hearing Stacie sing like her and asked to be told the next time her neighbor broke out the karaoke. So a few months ago I got a blessed phone call and rushed there with my camcorder to record the fun from her kitchen window. I think my favorite part was hearing her sing, "Carrers of the Wirnd" (Colors of the Wind) three times in a row and then hearing her teenage son shout begging her to please pick another song. Also the neighbor across the street came out with his shirt off and yelled for her to, "Shut the Bleep up!" Lovely.

Now I'm not malicious. I know it sounds that way. I don't know how to describe it. I love embarrassing things. Probably because I have so many embarrassing things happen to me. All my family and friends can vouch for this. Anyway, people singing or dancing badly, falling, karaoke, nerdy people like Napoleon Dynamite, make me so so so happy! It makes me feel not so alone in this world of coordinated, eloquent, talented people. :)

Does anyone else feel this way?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Video of the Week: Robot dance

Okay I had to post this. I love this guy. I watch this probably everyday. How in the world can he move like that? I figure this is a good intro to state my New Years Resolutions...
1. Learn the Thriller dance. (I was trying to learn it in time for Halloween, but that was too busy of a month. Instead I'm going to learn it before 2008). Thanks to Jason for giving me the music video of Thriller to help me in this goal.
2. Stop wearing Seth's clothes whenever I just don't feel like doing laundry.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

At your request Krisser... is my hair down. I guess the light isn't so great, but it's all I've got. :) Cute Seth. He might be embarrassed that I put a pic of him up on this. I'll put something much more interesting up on this in a day or two. We've been on vacation and now everyone's sick so I haven't really worked on any projects or drawn anything the past two weeks. I promise to be more entertaining soon. Or at least try.