Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Family Karaoke Night

For FHE (Family Home Evening) yesterday we read a few stories from the girl's "Friend" magazine and then broke out one of our new Christmas presents- A Karaoke Mic! Our poor, poor neighbors. The girls sang "In the Jungle" and "Yellow Submarine", I sang "I Want You to Want Me", and Seth sang an unforgetable "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a very histerical "The Rose" in Neil Diamond's voice. I'm so scared to go outside and show my face to my neighbors. If I can hear my neighbor cough at night while I'm laying in bed, they could definitely hear us belting awful karaoke past 9:00 at night.

My friend Stacie has a very cute asian neighbor in her 40's who loves to sing karaoke Disney Classics. I loved hearing Stacie sing like her and asked to be told the next time her neighbor broke out the karaoke. So a few months ago I got a blessed phone call and rushed there with my camcorder to record the fun from her kitchen window. I think my favorite part was hearing her sing, "Carrers of the Wirnd" (Colors of the Wind) three times in a row and then hearing her teenage son shout begging her to please pick another song. Also the neighbor across the street came out with his shirt off and yelled for her to, "Shut the Bleep up!" Lovely.

Now I'm not malicious. I know it sounds that way. I don't know how to describe it. I love embarrassing things. Probably because I have so many embarrassing things happen to me. All my family and friends can vouch for this. Anyway, people singing or dancing badly, falling, karaoke, nerdy people like Napoleon Dynamite, make me so so so happy! It makes me feel not so alone in this world of coordinated, eloquent, talented people. :)

Does anyone else feel this way?


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures... look at you guys go! That picture of Seth cracks me up. Not a side of him I get to see much. I don't get to see many sides all the way over here in Utah, but this whole story reminds me that I need to get more Hippen time. If there's karaoke going on where you are, that's where I choose to be.

I love dancing stupid... I've won several dance contests in the last ten years just dancing stupid. I know I can't dance well... might as well embrace the bad.

Great story about the Disney lady too. I like that the neighbors yell at her. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Clearly that is not me, as clearly that man is in pain, and clearly, if that was me, you would have some karma or comupence coming for posting such a dreadful picture. You, however, look great. You should stick out your butt more often. I feel like kareoke tonight!

Kristen said...

Clearly you are not alone. I cannot even walk in a straight line. And I don't drink! *sigh*

Penelope Crackers said...

I think that bad karma came my way after all for posting an embarrassing picture of you, honey. :0( (I'm talking about what happened today on the way home from Santa Monica) boo hoo hoo.