Monday, November 19, 2007

My Classroom Thanksgiving Decorations

I thought I'd post pictures of some of the things I made for my class for Thanksgiving since we went ahead and moved straight onto Christmas in my house. (sheepish giggle)

I have a section of wall that I change each month for the season or holiday that month and so here's a picture of the little veggies and leaves I drew and cut out and glued to create a little border which I am pleased to say only took about 20 minutes to make. I was surprised by that. :)

The turkey is something I created while the kids were doing seat work one day after reading my friend Kristen's idea of making a Thankful Turkey. I went around asking the kids their favorite color and what they were thankful for. I saved room on the other side of the turkey for the other teacher who teaches in my classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My favorite thankfuls are "dinosaurs" and "turkey". I thought those were so cute. Of course being thankful for moms and dads are wonderful, I would want my kids to say that, but I loved the kids that were thankful for more random things. I put it on the front of my classroom door so when parents wait for class to get out they could read what their kids said.


Seth Hippen said...

I'm thankful that turkey has so many feathers. I would have loved it if you were my teacher.

Krisser said...

This brings back fun memories of working at a daycare life- ahh yes, the decorations! Of course, mine were never as beautiful as that!

jessica said...

So did the other teacher ever put her feathers on the turkey? You do the cutest things!