Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogs that make me smile

I've decided to spread some love. I want to let you know of a few blogs that put me in awe or a smile to my face...

1. Seth's Blog: yah, I know. I'm a little biased, but he really is one of the greatest artists I know and I get to kiss him at night. woo woo. He hasn't updated in a bit, but look out because he's been sketching and is about to. Even when he hasn't updated I love looking at the same drawings I always do. My favs are his Halloweenish ones. The posts from last Aug-last Oct. are great! That really cool one of dead couple dressed up fancy about to kiss is one of my favorites (Oct. 20). The girl's dress was inspired by the one I sewed last year for Halloween and I wore on my geeky girl trip. He's won two world wide web contests with that one. One of the prizes was a 5 by 8 foot poster of the Nightmare Before Christmas which is hanging in our garage making us the coolest people on the street I'm pretty sure.

2. Shane's Blog: This is probably one of the best blogs out there. It is hillarious to me! Shane is one of our friends I'm proud to claim. He's a most marvelous artist and so funny too. He will make these little drawings every week or so and have some random story or whatever about them. Seriously, it is fun to look at for hours and hours. Check it out, make it a regular stop, leave comments, have fun.

3. Sunny Smart: This is my brother Joe's wife. She is one talented writer. She has a way of writing about regular stuff in the most witty way. She just begun it a few weeks ago, but already it's brought much joy and I am excited to read more posts from her.

4. Emily's: She's amazing folks! She's one of my friends from LA. She had just moved from Australia when I first met her and she's an incredible artist. She creates layout pages for several scrapbook magazines and teaches seminars all around the world. I love how she has no boundries with what she creates. She's started an art challenge this last January where every Sunday she posts a topic and creates a small card around that topic. I participate in this but with purely painting to the topic. She's a marvelous person.

5. Shannon Hale's (Austenland and Goose Girl Author) Husbands' Blog: He's an author too, but a different sort. I've just discovered his site, but may have found my new obsession. His "micro stories" are so derranged, funny, twisted. Anyway, he posts little stories that are 500 words or so and are crazy. You just gotta try it out. A "meat baby" so weird. You'll see. Everytime I read one of his stories and see where his mind went I wonder if he is socially awkward or if he hides it.

Of course I spend a lot of time looking at my friend's blogs reading about their families and happenings. I love all the cool projects my sister does and get a kick out of the way Kristen and Jessica write. If you know of a great blog let me know in the comments. I'm always up for an entertaining new blog to explore. :)


S.T. Lewis said...

Hey... that's my blog! Thanks for sending people my way with your kind words. I'm glad you like my blog. I just said this on your other blog, but we all need to get together soon. We'll talk.

Kristen said...

you know i don't know why you even bother posting seth's site because he hasn't updated in 300 years and frankly it's frustrating. What is a woman supposed to READ when all the kids are sleeping?! SETH! get ON it. geez.