Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Time Bulletin Board

 We all contribute in our own way. I may not be the most organized leader in our Young Women's Presidency at church, but I've got a heart that won't quit and can design a spring time bulletin board. 
smile emoticon (Pip helped paint the little wood birds and frames.)

A close up of my cute girly!  :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Dresses and Crafts

These are regular old white lights with cute flowers cut from cupcake wrappers around each light making a pretty flower.  It's been fun to make these with my kids, the sister missionaries, and the girls at church.

I saw this idea online and had to make them!  You put a candy in a balloon and blow it up.  Then I dangled the balloons on yarn from a broom stick balanced between the backs of two chairs.  I laid newspaper underneath it and made a paste of water and flower.  I dipped colored embroidery floss in the mixture and wrapped it around each balloon in different patterns and let them set up to dry for a few days.  Then, I popped each balloon and slid them out from under the strings.   It was a little tricky separating them from the candy and strings, but they still turned out fabulously.  :)  I sent them in packages to missionaries that have served in this area and used the rest for lunches and Easter decorations around the house.  


Here are my girls in their fun dresses.  I actually made my oldest's dress a month or two early.  My daughter in pink drew up the design she wanted and picked out the fabric she wanted and helped sew it.  So fun!  Pip wanted to use fabric from my stashes upstairs in my sewing room.  She loves going through the bins and draping herself in material making a complete mess whenever I'm working in there, so she knew just what fabric she wanted.  Here are some close ups...

I took these pics of Kenz a few weeks ago when I finished her dress. 

Here is how I did her hair today:

My mom sent beautiful vintage flowers from Victorian bonnets to add to our Easter fun.  I put these flowers in each girl's hair today.   Below is Kendyl's hair.  I'm always amazed with how thick and beautiful her hair is.  I'm lucky when I get to do anything with it.  She's more of a rough and tumble girl so Easter is a special treat for me.  :)

Here's her cute dress that she designed and helped sew. 

And here she is working away. :)

 Here's Pip's hair.  I was instructed (by her) to put the biggest flower I could in her hair. hahaha

And here is Pip's dress...  such a mischievous little fairy.  :)

After church we had a bunch of people over for dinner and egg hunts in the front and back yard.  It was a wonderful day.  It's so fun having traditions with such special holidays.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fools

My kids totally lucked out this year.  I was extra nice to them.  :)  Pip and I drew on these eggs and colored the milk pink.  I on the other hand wasn't so lucky.  These girls have been plotting for months.  I was pranked dozens of times.  My favorite was when the pranks backfired and got them.  Kenz had to keep changing her clothes because she'd set off her own traps. haha  She changed her jeans so many times that she ran out of clean jeans and had to wear a dress to school today! hahaha