Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Fairy Shoes

Where in the sam hill have I been? :) To be honest, life has taken over. Seth was living in California for 3+ months this last fall-winter animating on Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" that was just released a few weeks ago. He was interviewed by Fox 13 and KSL channel 5. Here's a the link to the KSL interview. Look closely because when he's signing autographs at the premiere you can see me sitting next to him helping to roll up the posters with my new red hair color :)


I didn't want to write about being alone for few months here on my blog while he was gone in case anyone yucky reads this blog. It was hard being a single mom 24/7 and missing him and I had all I could handle to keep up. I don't know how some of you women do it, but I have a greater respect for you and want to bring you all dinner every night and babysit your kids so you can get a nap in and at least 6 hours of sleep a night. SERIOUSLY! Anyway, while he was gone I'm afraid my creative juices were zapped. I was however able to sit down and sew up some sweet little fairy shoes by hand. They were small enough and didn't require a lot of stuff so I could bring them along with me anywhere. I made them for family and a friend or two. I have plans to make many more because they are so fun, but am already onto my next project of course which I will show pictures of in a few days/weeks when it's finished :).

I gave the fairy shoes for Christmas, but didn't finish some of them in time for that. :( I was reading a lady's blog that invented them and I bought the pattern for them. You've got to see her blog here- she's amazing! She only sells the pattern for one type of her shoes. The ones on her site are so incredible and I'm trying to figure out how to alter the pattern to make others as amazing as she does. Wish she'd sell me all her patterns. :) I've had the best time playing with fabric, beads, lace, etc. They take a lot of work and many hours! They are so sweet only 3 inches long or so. Each one is a little work of art and a piece of magic. I like to combine them with a little painting when I give them away. Here's a few of them below. Check out all the tiny details and hand stitching and beading. I gave my mom the purpley pink ones with the hand tatted flower under the red flower. She was so excited she sent me home with a HUGE box of trims, lace, fabrics, beads, thread, feathers, silks, flowers, etc. all from the victorian era and earlier. I can't believe I've got all this fun stuff to play with now. She dresses old composition dolls and has an entire room of supplies. She has a small tree that I'm going to make enough fairy shoes for her to hang all over it. Can't wait! :)