Monday, August 25, 2008

Songs from this summer

Well it's hard not to feel a little silly posting this, but I've decided to try to not feel dumb anyway. I guess the other videos of me singing or with my guitar have been messing around with my kids and it's a little weird to show these videos of me just by myself. I keep thinking things like, "huh, do I really do that with my lips when I sing?" Anyway, here's a fun song by Ingrid Michaelson called "The Way I Am," that I figured out this summer. I play it almost like a bass guitar and tap the guitar at the bottom with my hand to give it some percussion. (Ignore the vibrating of my low E string that needs to be replaced. :)

This second song is by Brandi Carlile and is called "The Story". I love how she sings softly and then gets really loud at points. I tried to do that a bit, but I guess I'm more of a folky singer than a rocker. :) I've been really into Sondre Lerche as well, but he's so amazing on the guitar I'm not brave enough to show my versions of his songs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahhh- Life returing to normal.

It's been a terribly long time since I've posted anything on here because I've been absolutely boring. :) Long story short, this pregnancy turned out to be so much worse than I had anticipated even when I was as morning sick as my last post 3 months ago. After needing to be hospitalized with an enormous blood clot and severe dehydration and bed rest with I.V. I am happy to say I feel pretty normal now! For a while all I did was lay in bed and read or play the guitar. I haven't felt like painting and or sewing. Since this is my projects blog, the only project I've been working on is our little baby- which we now know is another fun girly!!! I guess I could post one of the new songs I've learned on the guitar. hmmm- yah maybe.

Well just know that I'm not dead and now that I'm feeling better there's some fun stuff to post soon. I've been working on a Halloween surprise the last 2 weeks. Come on, you know me- Halloween excitement starts in August. I wont have it finished anywhere near the point that I'd like for this Halloween, but I'll post what I've got as it gets closer to normal Halloween time and hope to have it all completed next year. It's actually a pretty big project with 26 separate paintings. I'm just glad I feel like being creative again.

Here's how you know that I'm really doing better.... on September 6th I'm going to be teaching my neighborhood how to do the Thriller dance so we can perform it in a big talent show Oct. 18th dressed up like zombies. I have to teach them in Sept because the try outs are the 12th of Sept. I just know we'll get it the talent show though. It's going to be so awesome if we get a big crowd. I've talked with about a dozen people about my idea and they are all excited so I figured why not invite everyone. I made invitations yesterday and reserved a gym to teach them in and will pass out those invites Tuesday and Wednesday to 100 neighbors or so. If I get a big enough crowd I'll host a Utah event for "Thrill the World". They are trying to break a Guinness Book of World Record for the most people dancing the same dance at one time (Thriller of course). It's scheduled for October 25th at 10am our time here, but no one has volunteered to head it up for Utah. I figure if I'm already teaching a bunch of people, I might as well host an event for here. Check out the website here. There's information for where different events are held all over the world and how to get a hold of that person hosting it. Also there's videos that very easily break down the dance for you to learn. I'm pretty excited in a very typical, me geeky way. Email me if you live nearby and want to learn the Thriller. :)