Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Addition to the Family

Presenting "Princess Buttercup" the newest member of our family. (The name might not stick- we are also trying out Pepper Pots, Fire Cat, and Sarah- but the girls seem to like Princess Buttercup the most) She was born about two months ago and has 5 siblings. Yesterday we got the call from our friend that their kittens were old enough now for us to come get one and so we rushed right over. The girls picked her out and named her.
They were so excited and spent all evening playing with her. She has a very comfy bed and a blankie that Kendyl (our blankie expert) was sure she'd love and you guessed it. She spent a little bit of time in it, but when it was time for bed she would have nothing to do with it and slept on Seth's head and neck all night. :) It's just a little ironic since Seth was fairly adamant before we got her that she would sleep and have her litter box down in the basement in the storage room and here she was, two floors above the basement sleeping on him all night. hehehe (I may have enjoyed that too much)

Okay so we have more news than that. Actually bigger news!
AaaaaaHHHHHhhhhhHHHh! :) We're a little over two months along!!!! So of course I am spending a lot of time with this....

I'm actually not as sick this time as with both my girls, but still pretty sick. You know, maybe throwing up a few times a day instead of a few times an hour. (I know, too much information) So, we are thinking maybe it's a boy or else my body is older and doesn't go through the same amount of trauma. Hopefully it wont last for 7 to 8 months like my other pregnancies. Keep your fingers crossed. :) Anyway, this is why I've been MIA for a while and will probably be for a while more. I'm just doing all I can to try and let this baby grow inside me and make a meal every once in a while for the kids (and cute man) that are already here.