Thursday, January 02, 2014

Another chart :)

Yup.  Another chart.  I know... it's how my brain and motivation work. :)   So, I love choosing goals (which makes my 13 year old daughter constantly roll her eyes at me.  Every January I freak out trying to just choose one goal for the year to focus on the most.  I just can't do it.   hahaha  

I had a brilliant idea!  I can just focus on one goal each month.  Then if I slip up one day, it's not big deal.  For some reason messing up on a goal that will change at the end of the month seems a lot less terrifying than messing up on a goal that I'm going to try to do the whole year.  I made this calendar in Photoshop and then printed it off and separated out the months into little boxes of the number of days of each month.  Everyday I can color in a little box.  It sounds sooo lame, but for some reason it really motivates me and gets me excited to color in a stupid little box.  At the end of the year this is going to to be a rainbow explosion of awesomeness hanging on the wall in my pantry and hopefully I'll have developed a few more cool hobbies, healthy habits, etc.   Besides, it'll stop me stewing through half the month trying to figure out what New Years Resolution I am going to choose- I get 12- just one at a time. :)   If you would like to print this off and have a fun year of growing more awesome along with me and my family then please follow this link to my etsy shop here where you can purchase it for $1.45! What a deal! 


Liesa Wilson said...

What a great idea! Thanks

kirsty said...

I found this on pinterest and love it, thanks for sharing!