Thursday, April 16, 2015

Glowing Fairy Gardens: Our Spring Break Project

 So this is how our Spring Break began...  waiting on the grass while my car was getting an oil change.  I was texting on my phone and looked up and saw two of my girls on their electronic devices and then saw a happy little Pip picking tiny baby flowers and singing to herself.  She looked up at me and smiled and handed me the little fairy bouquet.  I got the message... she was living in a more real world than we were.  I knew we needed to "be together" this week and not spend it all on electronics.  I knew this week was going to be tough because the beautiful home that we've been renting the past two years was going on the market.  The owners need to sell.  I knew this week would be filled with stress and tears as we learn to deal with people walking through the house all the time and keeping it perfectly clean.  I decided that our Spring Break was going to go a much different way than it was beginning.

As soon as my car's oil had been changed I took us to a craft store to pick up some supplies. Pip has had an indoor fairy house all winter and for a month or two she has been saying that the fairies would be moving outside in the spring and that we needed to find a good spot for an outdoor fairy house.  I knew we would find the supplies we needed at the craft store.  We did!  There were little $1 bird houses, shiny tiles, balsa-wood for creating things, and boxes to put the homes in (Michael's Crafts).  We stopped at a local nursery to buy some flowers and dirt.  We wanted these spring fairy homes to be transportable for when we move when we find our new home (it also came in handy to bring inside last night when it got a little too cold for the flowers).

We got home and got right to work, painting, cutting, gluing, creating.  :)  We pushed the little strings into the bird houses and took them out so they would look more like homes than bird houses.  Then we cut archway doors out of the holes for windows by cutting straight down from the sides of the circles leaving the arch on top.  We painted them and then hot glue gunned whatever we wanted onto them. Most of Tuesday was spent this way too.   It just wouldn't be a painting kind of day without Kenz painting something on herself. (She also found some silver hair spray in the art supplies- lol)

 In the end we ended up with two little villages for our garden fairies.  This first village has two homes, a school house, flowers, painted pink rocks, stepping stones and a glassy brook with a Troll Bridge going over it.  This bridge was with Pip's indoor fairy house- one morning I overheard her making a wish for a bridge to connect two plates in the dining room fairy house and by the time she came home from school it was there!  Such a lucky kid!

 I love that little toadstool house Pip painted with the door ajar.  :)
This basket of garden fairies are more of a "city folk" kind.  

 This next basket we made were the "country folk" kind.  There homes seem to be built more from nature than from little bird houses being covered in moss and wooden shingles (strips of balsa wood painted in various shades of brown and orange, cut into rectangles and glued on the roof in layers going from the bottom of the roof up to the top of the blue chimney).  They have flowers in their garden too, but they are also growing strawberries right there in front. 

 They have a glassy pond, a wishing well, glass mail box to hold letters and jewels, and a fairy ring.  At first the fairy ring was just a few stones, but when we came back to check on them we could see tiny red toad stools all over both gardens that the fairies had left- some of the toadstools forming a real fairy ring.  :)  Pip was thrilled!

One of my favorite ideas was the little battery operated led lights strung throughout (Christmas Tree Shop for $10).  We built a bottom layer of glass tiles under the houses and cut a hole in the bottom of them so we could stuff lights through and line the baskets like this...

 The results are MAGICAL!  The lights are on a timer and come on every night at 6pm.

 I love how the glass bottom portion of each house lights up along with the windows and doorways!  Here's a close up of the fairy signs. 

 Here's the cute details of the Wishing Well and "Surprised French Man" fairy house that Makenzie made.

 So here's our front porch.  You know what I love best?  That the day this lock box was placed on our door the girls barely noticed.  They were too busy looking at their fairy gardens, adding to them, and thinking up new creations that a fairy could need.  :) 

Another great thing about this is that it is something that keeps bringing fun.  Yesterday the fairies were so grateful for their new houses that they left a little note in the glass jar mailbox telling the girls that and left a beautiful necklace that holds powers for the person wearing it and a huge pink diamond ring just for Pip right in the middle of the fairy ring.  She had wanted one at the store a few days back and her mean ol' mommy said, "not today," like she does so often.  :)  Those fairies just knew it would be perfect for her.  She's been asking for a pink diamond ring for a few years now.  What luck!


This morning Pip left a surprise for me!  She created a fairy ring out of golf balls in the front yard right next to her basket with the toadstool fairy ring.  What a cutie. Let me know if you make your own fairy garden or if you need "how to" details on anything we did.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Afternoon Church

This is the main reason I like afternoon church more than the morning church schedule we had last year... I have time to play with their hair. :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Treats for Teachers

I'm loving my PTO job of "Treats for Teachers"!  I'm not sure if there's ever been an assignment more suited to my personality.  lol  If you'd like to use the pdfs of the different designs I've done so far I'm embeding them below.  This is my first time trying this, so I guess we'll see how it goes!  :)  They would be so much more fun and beautiful in color, but I designed these to be able to print with only black ink in mass amounts.  It may bug me a little to have them be dull, but it would bug me more to pay for color prints for 105 teachers.  haha If you wanted to use these for friends, kids, co-workers, significant others, etc., you could adjust these designs in Photoshop to erase the "Love, The PTO" part or even just print off a sheet, white it out, write in what you'd like to, and then print more.

Here's the Hershey Kisses pdf  (I colored a blue highlighter around the circle and glue gunned the hugs and kisses to it.


Here's another pdf I put together altering in Photoshop something that someone else had made to use Reeses Pieces with.  :)  I recommend using this near Halloween when they sell the huge bags of individual little bags of Reeses Pieces- otherwise the rest of the year you can only buy the regular big bags which costs a lot more.

Reeces PiecesPTO.pdf

I'll be putting together more of these and posting them so keep your eyes out!  ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Turning Dreams to Plans~

I wonder why I convince myself that I'm not really an artist, that I'm fooling myself and everyone else, or why I forget that I need to draw to feel like ME and be happy... sometimes I forget for months at a time and feel terrified picking up a pen again.  Lately, I've been dreaming big again and it expresses itself through things I draw, songs I sing on my guitar, or things I sew.  I made this little doodle with my glitter gel pens in my black sketchbook last summer and this morning I added these words.  These are the words I've been repeating in my head over and over lately.  What's so scary about dreaming anyway?  What's so scary about trying?  What does it matter if I don't do as well I wish I could?  It's more awful to be numb and silence that bright little spirit in my struggling to be heard screaming who I am and what I can do or learn to do!  Here's to feeding that bright little spirit this morning!  :)  Have a beautiful day!

Friday, January 09, 2015

"In The Meadow"

We finished it! It was so fun thinking this up and designing it together. For Christmas Seth and I decided our gift for each other would be to collaborate on a piece of art. It's taken many hours and has been so much fun! We've named it, "In the Meadow" and the idea comes from the song "Winter Wonderland". There are 6 layers to this design within the shadow box frame. The side view picture below shows the layers a little better.  

Seth illustrated the couple and the Parson Brown snowman and I designed and made the snowflakes and snowflake border. I used some antique Victorian trim (on her bonnet) from the stashes my mom has sent me in the past.  I think my favorite part is how my husband was able to convey such tender emotion in their expressions. What a gift he's got! It was so much fun spending that time together collaborating. We decided to make a few more this week and have posted them on etsy for purchase. They are fairly time consuming so there's only a few for sale. Here's a link...
This has been so fun and we already have an idea for what the next layered piece of art we'll create will be.   I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Zentangled MaryJanes

I drew on these newborn Mary-Janes last night for my friend's baby shower this week.  
I think I may have a new hobby. :) 

Friday, November 14, 2014

I've Been Cursed!

I woke up this morning to little fingers pressing on my forehead.  As I began to open my eyes I saw my Penelope looking down on  me with concern.  In her cute little deep voice she whispered, "Shhhh mommy. Sorry.  You now have a curse."  I guess KRS spells curse.  hahaha  Oh and yes, that is yesterday's makeup not washed off. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Thankful Tree

One morning, last week, I had this idea come to me and I decided to make this Thankful Tree in our downstairs entryway hallway.  For the month of November we are writing what we are thankful for on leaves (packages of 30 for a dollar at JoAnns) and attaching them to the tree and wall.  We've got a great start, but I have at least 300 more leaves we could write on.  I'm excited to see the progress.  Pip is learning to write and most of hers are hard to understand until you sound it out phonetically, but she spelled "foot" right!  I'm so happy she is thankful for her foot.  I wonder which one she is thankful for. :)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

DR. WHO Themed Halloween


Here's the costumes we made and pulled together this year for Halloween.  Makenzie was the 10th Doctor, Kendyl was the TARDIS (she painted that herself), and Pip was a Weeping Angel of course.  :)  We hope you had a great Halloween too!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

These are the cards we sent out this year.  The photo is from last year's Halloween costumes.  We are having our big "Hippen House of Horrors Film Festival" tonight!  I'm so excited!  There are 15 entries- most from here in this town, but at least 5 from other places in the U.S. of friends that we've had as we've moved along the way with Seth's career.  People are coming for the film festival at 8, or they can come earlier and join us for trick-or-treating or dinner (I'm making a bunch of soups).  I love Halloween!  Did you know?  haha